MapR Certification Policies

The following policies exist to maintain the security and value of MapR credentials. MapR is committed to established policies aimed at protecting your investment, the integrity of the program, and the value of your MapR Professional recognition.

Certification data is private and will not be released without your authorization. You may update your contact information with MapR at any time by contacting MapR will allow you to share your certification through an online certificate and badging service called Accredible. You may control your sharing settings on this platform at

Non-Disclosure Policy
MapR test content is proprietary, confidential and protected by intellectual property laws. You agree that you will not copy, publish, offer to sell, sell, publicly perform or display, distribute or otherwise transfer, modify, make derivative works thereof, reverse engineer, decompile, disassemble or translate any test or part thereof.

You agree that all work submitted by you in completing the test and in satisfaction of the certification requirements, including test answers, assignments, code samples, and personal registration information, is entirely your own. You will neither: (a) provide or accept improper assistance; nor (b) use unauthorized materials (including brain dumps and/or unauthorized publication of exam questions with or without answers) in attempting to satisfy certification requirements.

You have read the MapR Certification Policy and you agree to comply with that policy. You agree that you will not (a) falsify your identity or impersonate another individual; (b) forge any certificates, identification cards or other Test records; (c) engage in fraudulent conduct.

Examples of misconduct and/or misuse of the exam include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Impersonating another person
  • Accepting assistance or providing assistance to another person
  • Disclosure of exam content including, but not limited to, web postings, formal or informal test preparation or discussion groups, or reconstruction through memorization or any other method
  • Possession of non-authorized items during the exam
  • Use of unauthorized materials (including “brain-dump’ material and/or unauthorized publication of exam questions with or without answers) to prepare for the exam
  • Making notes of any kind during the exam
  • Removing or attempting to remove exam material (in any format)
  • Modifying and/or altering the results and/or scoring the report or any other exam record

MapR Exam Refund Policy
MapR exams are non-refundable. If you purchase an exam and decide not to pursue the exam, your purchase is non-refundable. You may exchange your registration for another exam, but you may not receive a refund.

You have 6 months to complete your certification after you purchase the exam. After 6 months have expired, your exam registration will be canceled. There are no refunds for expired certification purchases.

MapR Test Retake Policy
If you fail an exam, you are eligible to purchase and retake the exam in 14 days. A test result found to be in violation of the retake policy will result in no credit awarded for the test taken. Violators of these policies may be banned from participation in the MapR Certification Program.

Once you have passed the exam, you may not take that version (e.g., v.4.0) of the exam again, but you may take any newer version of the exam (e.g., v.4.1).

Remotely Proctored Exams
MapR uses a third-party service to remotely proctor your test-taking experience. At the start of the exam, you will be asked to put your computer into fullscreen mode with only a single display. You will be required to share your screen so that the proctor may view your screen during the test. You must take the exam using a computer that has a webcam (internal or external). You must allow access to your webcam so that the proctor can see you as you take the exam. The proctor may ask you to move your computer or camera so that he/she can view your surroundings. You must use a current version of the Google Chrome browser to take the exam. You may not leave the fullscreen mode, open any other browser, use any other materials or devices or receive assistance from any other source during your exam. If the proctor believes that you are violating any of these rules, the proctor may warn you using online chat. If you do not respond or if you continue to violate testing policies, the proctor will shut down your exam session and report the incident to MapR. MapR may take action, including banning violators from participation in the MapR certification program. Misconduct on the exam by partners may be reported to the partner company and may adversely affect the business relationship for the partner company and MapR.

Special Accommodations
In partnership with our test delivery provider, it is our policy to offer special testing accommodations in conformance with established standards:

  • In the United States, we conform to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990.
  • In other countries, we will accommodate candidates in compliance with local law.

Certification Exam Cancellation & Reschedule Policy
If you need to cancel or reschedule an exam, use the cancellation options found at or email or call +1-888-504-9178, +1-312-612-1049 for additional support.

Exams must be canceled or rescheduled 2 business days before the scheduled exam time. Failing to cancel or reschedule within this time period will result in forfeiting exam fees, exam credits and/or your exam eligibility will be marked as redeemed. In addition, your appointment will be marked as a "no show."

Certification Exam No-Show Policy
By not showing up to your exam reservation on time, you will be marked as a no-show for the exam. No-shows forfeit the money paid for an exam, and no rescheduling is allowed for the exam. No-shows are reported as a FAIL of the exam and therefore are subject to the retake rules.

Contact Information
If you have any questions concerning refunds and cancellations, contact