Cluster Administration


About this Course

Gain the knowledge and skills required to plan, install, maintain, and manage a secure MapR cluster, then manage YARN jobs. Using lecture and labs, you will learn how to design and install a cluster, and perform pre- and post-installation testing. You will configure users and groups and work with key features of a MapR cluster including volumes, snapshots, and mirrors - including how to use remote mirrors for disaster recovery. Also covered are monitoring and maintaining disks and nodes, and troubleshooting basic cluster problems. Finally, you will install YARN services and practice configuring logging and job schedulers.

Duration: 3 Days

What’s Covered in the Course

Welcome to Class (Day 1)
  • Course Overview
  • The training Environment
  • Using the Lab Environment
Lab Activities
    • Configure the Training Environment
    • Connect to Your Cluster
1: Introduction to the MapR Converged Data Platform
  • Key Components of HDFS
  • Key Components of MapR-FS
  • MapR-FS versus HDFS
Lab Activities
    • No labs
2: Prepare for Installation
  • Security Modes
  • Planning the Service Layout
  • Preparing Cluster Hardware
  • Testing Nodes
Lab Activities
    • Plan a Service Layout
    • Audit the Cluster
    • Run Pre-Install Tests
3: Install the MapR Converged Data Platform
  • The MapR Installer
  • Performing a Manual Installation
  • Licensing the Cluster
Lab Activities
    • Install and License a Secure Cluster
4: Verify and Test the Cluster
  • Verifying Cluster Status
  • Post-Installation Benchmark Tests
  • Cluster Structure
Lab Activities
    • Run RWSpeedTest
    • Explore the Cluster
5: Work with Volumes
  • About Volumes
  • Volume Placement (Topology)
  • Attributes for Standard Volumes
  • Designing a Volume Plan
  • Creating and Configuring Volumes
Lab Activities
    • Configure Node Topology
    • Create Volumes and Set Quotas
6: Work with Snapshots (Day 2)
  • How Snapshots Work
  • Working with Snapshots
  • Using and Maintaining Snapshots
Lab Activities
    • Work with Snapshots
    • Restore Data from a Snapshot
7: Work with Mirrors
  • How Mirrors Work
  • Working with Local Mirrors
  • Working with Remote Mirrors
  • Remote Mirrors and Disaster Recovery
Lab Activities
    • Configure Local Mirrors
8: Configure Users and Cluster Parameters
  • Managing Users and Groups
  • Access Control Expressions (ACEs)
  • User and Group Quotas
  • Configuring Topology and Email
Lab Activities
    • Set Up Users and Groups
    • Control Access to the Cluster
9: Configure Cluster Access
  • Accessing Cluster Data
  • Virtual IP Addresses
  • Client Access
Lab Activities
    • Configure and Use VIPs
10: Monitor and Manage the Cluster
  • Using the MCS and CLI
  • MapR Monitoring
  • Responding to Alarms
Lab Activities
    • Configure Alerts
11: Disk and Node Maintenance (Day 3)
  • Adding Disks
  • Replacing Failed Disks
  • Node Maintenance
  • Adding Nodes
Lab Activities
    • Replace a Disk
12: Troubleshoot Cluster Problems
  • Basic Troubleshooting
  • Tools and Utilities
Lab Activities
    • Troubleshooting
    • Collect Logs for Support
13: Install and Configure YARN
  • YARN Services
  • YARN Job Execution Flow
  • Configuring YARN
  • Configuring YARN Logging
Lab Activities
    • Install YARN Services
    • Change YARN Parameters
    • Configure YARN Log Aggregation
14: Job Schedulers
  • Overview of Job Schedulers
  • Configuring the Capacity Scheduler
  • Configuring the Fair Scheduler
  • Label-Based Scheduling
Lab Activities
    • Configure the Capacity Scheduler
    • Set Up Label-Based Scheduling