Develop MapR-DB Applications


About this Course

This course teaches developers the skills required to install, design, and build a MapR-DB database, then to write applications that process and analyze data. You will learn how to use the HBase API to work with legacy data and applications, and the OJAI API to load and process new data of all types. Also covered are designing and building tables and a schema for your database, then using this database to write applications to load, and manipulate data, maximize performance, control access to data, and query simple, complex, and streaming data.

Duration: 2 days

What’s Covered in the Course

Welcome to Class (Day 1)
  • Configure the Training Environment
  • Understand the Lab Environment
Lab Activities
    • Configure the Training Environment
    • Connect to Your Cluster
1: Perform Common MapR-DB Operations
  • Create a New Table and Load Data
  • Compare Database Schema
  • Query Data in MapR-DB
Lab Activities
    • Create Tables and Load Data into MapR-DB
    • Manipulate Rows, Columns, and Column Families
    • Load JSON Data, Monitor Data Splits
    • Use Drill to Query MapR-DB Tables
2: Use MapR-DB APIs
  • Setup the MapR-DB Client
  • Introduction to the HBase API
  • Introduction to the OJAI API
Lab Activities
    • Setup a MapR Client
    • Use the HBase API
    • Use the OJAI API
3: Document Database Schema Design
  • Introduction to Schema Design
  • Design Row Keys
  • Design Columns and Column Families
  • Design Complex and Dynamic Schema
Lab Activities
    • Row Key Design Practice
4: Build a Document Database with MapR-DB
  • Import Structured Data
  • Import Binary and JSON Data
  • Replicate Tables
Lab Activities
    • Perform ETL on Relational Data
    • Import Data
5: Access and Work with Data in MapR-DB (Day 2)
  • Understand Access Control Expressions (ACEs)
  • Advanced OJAI API
Lab Activities
    • Access Control Expressions (ACEs)
    • Build an OJAI Application
6: Query Data in MapR-DB
  • Query Data
  • Indexes
  • Filter and Project Data
Lab Activities
    • Query Data Using Primary and Secondary Query Data Using Drill
    • Practice Using OJAI Queries and Export Data
7: Integrate MapR-DB into the Converged Data Platform
  • MapR XD Review
  • Batch Processing
  • Real-time Processing
Lab Activities
    • Data Mine with Drill
    • Process Streaming Data with Spark
8: Performance and Security
  • Improve MapR-DB Performance
  • Secure Your Data on MapR-DB
Lab Activities
    • Improve Performance for Java Applications