ADM 200 - Install a MapR Cluster

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About this Course

This course covers cluster pre-installation cluster hardware testing and verification, service node layout planning, installing a MapR license, verifying the installation, and performing post-installation benchmarking.

What’s Covered

Course Lessons Lab Activities
1: Prepare for Installation
Identify Node Types
Prepare and Verify Cluster Hardware
Test Nodes
Plan the Service Layout
Audit the Cluster
Run Pre-Install Tests
Plan a Service Layout
2: Install the MapR Converged Data Platform
Install the MapR
Converged Data Platform
Add a Mapr License
Install the MapR Converged Data Platform
Install a License
3: Verify and Test the Cluster
Verify Cluster Status
Run Post-Install Benchmark Tests
Explore the Cluster Structure
Run Synthetic Benchmarks
Explore the Cluster


This course is part of the preparation needed for the MapR Certified Hadoop Administrator (MCHA) certification exam.


  • Completion of the on-demand courses: ESS 100 - 102
  • Basic Hadoop knowledge and intermediate Linux knowledge
  • Experience using a Linux text editor such as vi
  • Familiarity with the Linux command-line options such as mv, cp, ssh, grep, and useradd