Install a MapR Cluster (MapR v6)


About this Course

Learn how to install a MapR cluster: including preparing nodes to be part of a cluster, running a pre-installation audit, installing the cluster, verifying the installation, and running post-installation benchmark testing. This is the first of five courses in the MapR Cluster Administration series, updated for MapR v6.

What’s Covered in the Course

1: Introduction to the MapR Converged Data Platform
  • Review Key Components of HDFS
  • Describe Key Components of MapR-FS
  • Compare and Contrast MapR-FS and HDFS
Lab Activities
    • No Labs
2: Prepare for Installation
  • Select a Security Mode
  • Plan the Service Layout
  • Prepare and Verify Cluster Hardware
Lab Activities
    • Plan a Service Layout
    • Audit the Cluster
    • Run Pre-Install Tests
3: Install the Cluster
  • Use the MapR Installer
  • Perform a Manual Installation
  • License the Cluster
Lab Activities
    • Install and License a Secure Cluster
4: Verify and Test the Cluster
  • Verify Cluster Status
  • Run Post-Installation Benchmark Tests
  • Explore the Cluster Structure
Lab Activities
    • Run RWSpeedTest
    • Explore the Cluster