Store and Protect Cluster Data (MapR v6)


About this Course

This course begins by teaching you about volumes and topology, and how to design and implement a volume plan to manage your data. It then covers snapshots, which provide protection against user or application errors. Finally, you will learn how to use mirror volumes for load balancing, deployment, backup, or disaster recovery. This is the second of five courses in the Cluster Administration Series.

What’s Covered in the Course

5: Work with Volumes
  • Overview of Volumes
  • Volume Placement (Topology)
  • Attributes for Standard Volumes
  • Design a Volume Plan
  • Create and Configure Volumes
Lab Activities
    • Configure Node Topology
    • Create Volumes and Set Quotas
6: Work with Snapshots
  • Describe How Snapshots Work
  • Create and Schedule Snapshots
  • Use and Maintain Snapshots
Lab Activities
    • Work with Snapshots
    • Restore Data from a Snapshot
7: Work with Mirrors
  • Describe Volumes and Volume Properties
  • Configure Volumes
Lab Activities
    • Configure Volumes and Set Quotas