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Data Access and Protection (MapR v5)


About this Course

This course covers how to access and protect cluster data. You learn how to create and modify data, how to configure Virtual IP Addresses to provide highly available access to the cluster, then use Access Control Expressions (ACEs) for flexible configuration of access permissions by user, group, or role. The course goes on to cover using snapshots and mirrors to protect your data, including the use of cascading and remote mirrors. This is the third course in the MapR Cluster Administration Series.

What’s Covered in the Course

8: Access Cluster Data
  • Access Data
  • Set Up Client Access
  • Configure Virtual IP Addresses
  • Control Access to the Cluster
Lab Activities
    • Modify Cluster Files
    • Configure Client NFS Access
    • Configure VIPs
    • Control Access to the Cluster
9: Snapshots
  • Understand Snapshots
  • Configure and Use Snapshots
Lab Activities
    • Snapshots
10: Mirrors
  • Understand how Mirrors Work
  • Configure and Use Local Mirrors
  • Use Cascading and Remote Mirrors
Lab Activities
    • Configure Local Mirrors