Cluster Maintenance (MapR v6)


About this Course

This course is for cluster administrators who will be managing and running YARN jobs on the cluster. It covers installing YARN services, and the flow of YARN job execution. You will learn about YARN logging options, and how to change how resources are allocated to YARN. Finally, you will learn about the job schedulers available to YARN, how to select the one that is most appropriate for your cluster, and how to control job placement and resource allocation.

This is the last of five courses in the Cluster Administration Series.

What’s Covered in the Course

13: Install and Configure YARN
  • Install YARN Services
  • YARN Job Execution Flow
  • Configure YARN
  • Configure YARN Logging
Lab Activities
    • Install YARN Services
    • Change YARN Parameters
    • Configure YARN Log Aggregation
14: Job Schedulers
  • Select a Scheduler
  • Configure the Capacity Scheduler
  • Configure the Fair Scheduler
  • Use Label-Based Scheduling
Lab Activities
    • Configure the Capacity Scheduler
    • Set Up Label-Based Scheduling