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Upgrade a MapR Cluster


About this Course

This course takes you through the process of upgrading MapR Cluster. You will learn how to create an upgrade plan, perform pre-upgrade tests, and upgrade MapR core software, ecosystem components, and MapR clients.

What’s Covered in the Course

1: Plan the Upgrade
  • Identify Upgrade Methods
  • Develop a Plan and Prepare for Upgrade
  • Summarize the Upgrade Process
Lab Activities
    • Run a Pre-upgrade Test Plan
2: Upgrade MapR Core
  • Prepare to Upgrade
  • Upgrade MapR Core Software
Lab Activities
    • Prepare to Upgrade
    • Upgrade MapR Core
3: Upgrade Ecosystem Components and MapR Clients
  • Upgrade Ecosystem Components
  • Upgrade (or Migrate) MapR Clients
  • Additional Upgrade Considerations
Lab Activities
    • Upgrade Hive and Pig
    • Apply a Patch