Application Containers and Kubernetes Training


About this Course

Application containers and Kubernetes are two relatively new technologies used to improve efficiency of creating and deploying applications in an enterprise environment. This course introduces the learner to application containers, what they are, and how they are used in an enterprise environment to improve the efficiency of the software development pipeline. It then discusses how Kubernetes manages the orchestration of containerized applications and resources across a global landscape. Lastly, it highlights how the MapR Data Platform integrates with Kubernetes to provide persistent storage for otherwise stateless containers, and can even make an all cloud solution that greatly increases the speed and efficiency of processing real-time data.

This is the first course in the Application Containers and Kubernetes Business Series.

What's Covered in the Course

1: Background on Containerized Applications
  • Use Kubernetes to Manage Containers and Cluster Resources
  • Kubernetes and Containers on the MapR Data Platform