Introduction to SQL Analytics with Apache Drill


About this Course

This course introduces students to Apache Drill and goes over some Drill SQL interfaces and queries, use cases, and teaches the basics of data analysis. You will learn how to use Drill to explore known or unknown data without writing code. It also describes how a query is received and executed by Drill. The next course in the series is DA 401 – Apache Drill Performance and Debugging.

What’s Covered in the Course

1: Introduction to Apache Drill
  • Describe Apache Drill
  • Explore Key Features of Apache Drill
  • Review Data Types and Formats
Lab Activities
    • Explore the Drill SQL Interfaces
    • Perform Drill SQL Queries
2: SQL Queries with Apache Drill
  • Plan Data Analysis Objectives
  • Perform SQL Queries on Structured Data
  • Perform SQL Queries on a Variety of Data Types
  • Combine Data Types in SQL Queries
Lab Activities
    • Describe Schemas
    • Query Marketing Data
    • Query JSON Data
    • Combine Data Types
3: Apache Drill Operations and Functions
  • Create and Drop Tables and Views
  • Use Nested Data and Window Functions
  • Extend Drill with Custom Functions
  • Perform an End-to-End Drill Data Analysis
Lab Activities
    • Create and Drop Tables and Views
    • Perform Nested Data Functions
    • Perform Aggregate Window Functions
    • Perform an End-to-End Data Analysis