Apache Drill Performance and Debugging


About this Course

In this course, you will write SQL queries on a variety of data types, including structured data in a Hive table, semi-structured data in HBase or MapR Database, and complex data file types such as Parquet and JSON. You will also learn the different services involved at each step, and how Drill optimizes a query for distributed SQL execution.

What’s Covered in the Course

4: Apache Drill Architecture
  • Describe Drill Execution Process
  • Sketch Drill Architecture Components
Lab Activities
    • Order Query Process Steps
    • Sketch Drillbit Architecture
5: Query Plans and Optimization
  • Describe a Physical Query Plan
  • Examine a Physical Query Plan
  • Optimize Queries
Lab Activities
    • Examine Physical Query Plans
    • Create a Partitioned Table
6: Apache Drill Performance and Debugging
  • Analyze Drill Error Messages
  • Configure Log File Settings
  • Troubleshoot Apache Drill
Lab Activities
    • Examine Drill Log Files