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Apache Drill Performance and Debugging


About this Course

In this course, you will write SQL queries on a variety of data types, including structured data in a Hive table, semi-structured data in HBase or MapR-DB, and complex data file types such as Parquet and JSON. You will also learn the different services involved at each step, and how Drill optimizes a query for distributed SQL execution.

What’s Covered in the Course

4: Apache Drill Architecture
  • Describe Drill Execution Process
  • Sketch Drill Architecture Components
Lab Activities
    • Order Query Process Steps
    • Sketch Drillbit Architecture
5: Query Plans and Optimization
  • Describe a Physical Query Plan
  • Examine a Physical Query Plan
  • Optimize Queries
Lab Activities
    • Examine Physical Query Plans
    • Create a Partitioned Table
6: Apache Drill Performance and Debugging
  • Analyze Drill Error Messages
  • Configure Log File Settings
  • Troubleshoot Apache Drill
Lab Activities
    • Examine Drill Log Files