DA 401 - Apache Drill Performance and Debugging

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About this Course

This is an intermediate level course designed for data analysts, developers, and systems administrators. It is a continuation of DA 400 - SQL Analytics with Apache Drill, and describes how a query is received and executed by Drill. You will learn the different services involved at each step, and how Drill optimizes a query for distributed SQL execution.

The second course in the Apache Drill curriculum introduces Apache Drill architecture, query optimization, and debugging.


  • Completion of ESS 100, ESS 101
  • Basic Hadoop knowledge
  • Terminal program installed; familiarity with command-line navigation


The courses in this curriculum prepare you for the MapR Certified Data Analyst (MCDA) certification exam.


Lesson 4 - Apache Drill Architecture

  • Describe Drill Execution Process
  • Lab 4.1: Order Query Process Steps
  • Sketch Drill Architecture Components
  • Lab 4.2: Sketch Drillbit Architecture

Lesson 5 - Apache Drill Query Plans and Optimization

  • Describe a Physical Query Plan
  • Examine a Physical Query Plan
  • Lab 5.2: Examine Physical Query Plans
  • Optimize Queries
  • Lab 5.3: Create a Partitioned Table

Lesson 6 - Apache Drill Logging and Debugging

  • Analyze Drill Error Messages
  • Lab 6.1: Examine Drill Log Files
  • Configure Log File Options
  • Troubleshoot Apache Drill