DEV 323 - Developing Apache HBase Applications: Advanced

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About this Course

Targeted towards data architects and application developers who have experience with Java, the goal of this series of courses is to learn how to write HBase programs using Hadoop as a distributed NoSQL datastore.

What’s Covered

Course Lessons Lab Activities
10: Java API Advanced Topics
Define Different Filter Types and Apply Them to Applications
Use Counters on Incremental Occurrences
Java Applications Using Filters
Java Applications Using Increment
11: Working with MapReduce
Describe MapReduce
Describe How MapReduce is Used on HBase
Develop MapReduce Applications for HBase
Developing MapReduce Applications for HBase

Get Certified

This course is part of the series of Data Analyst courses that prepare you for the MapR Certified HBase Developer (MCHBD) certification exam.


  • Completion of the on-demand courses: ESS 100 - 102, DEV 320 - 322
  • A Linux, PC or Mac
  • Basic Hadoop knowledge and intermediate Linux knowledge
  • Experience using a Linux text editor such as vi and Linux commands like mv, cp, ssh, grep, and useradd
  • Prior experience with SQL is preferred but not required