Apache HBase Bulk Loading, Performance, and Security


About this Course

This course architecting your HBase applications for performance and security. You will learn how to bulk-load data into HBase andexamine performance. Also covered are tips on designing your HBase application, benchmarking and monitoring your HBase application, and MapR-DB security.

What’s Covered in the Course

12: Bulk Loading of Data
  • Bulk Loading Data Process
  • ImportTsv Bulk Load Tool
  • Bulk Load with MapReduce
  • Pre-split Tables
Lab Activities
    • Use ImportTsv and CopyTable to Bulk Load Data
    • Use a Custom MapReduce Program to Bulk Load Data
13: Performance
  • Performance Priorities Based on Data Access Patterns
  • Guidelines for Schema Design Based on Data Access Patterns and Performance Priorities
  • Apply Java API Performance Tips
  • Region, Row Sizes, and Performance Guidelines
  • Configuration Performance Tips
  • Benchmark HBase Application Performance
Lab Activities
    • No Labs
14: Securing MapR-DB Tables
  • Security Fundamentals
  • Secure Your MapR-DB
Lab Activities
    • No Labs