DEV 324 - Apache HBase Bulk Loading, Performance, and Security

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About this Course

This course architecting your HBase applications for performance and security. You will learn how to bulk-load data into HBase andexamine performance. Also covered are tips on designing your HBase application, benchmarking and monitoring your HBase application, and MapR-DB security.

What’s Covered

Course Lessons Lab Activities
12: Bulk Loading of Data
Bulk Loading Data Process
ImportTsv Bulk Load Tool
Bulk Load with MapReduce
Pre-split Tables
Use ImportTsv and CopyTable to Bulk Load Data
Use a Custom MapReduce Program to Bulk Load Data
13: Performance
Performance Priorities Based on Data Access Patterns
Guidelines for Schema Design Based on Data Access Patterns and Performance Priorities
Apply Java API Performance Tips
Region, Row Sizes, and Performance Guidelines
Configuration Performance Tips
Benchmark HBase Application Performance
Performance Benchmarking with YCSB
14: Securing MapR-DB Tables
Security Fundamentals
Secure Your MapR-DB
MapR-DB Tables Authorization

Get Certified

This course, along with the other courses in the HBase series, is part of the preparation needed for the MapR Certified HBase Developer (MCHBD) certification exam.


  • CCompletion of the on-demand courses: ESS 100 - 102, and DEV 320 - 323
  • A Linux, PC or Mac
  • Basic Hadoop knowledge and intermediate Linux knowledge
  • Experience using a Linux text editor such as vi and Linux commands like mv, cp, ssh, grep, and useradd
  • Prior experience with SQL is preferred but not required