Develop Applications with MapR Database (MapR v6)


About this Course

In this last chapter of the MapR Database course, you will work with improving an existing MapR Database. You begin by learning about how user access can be controlled to the database, and data stored within MapR Database. You will then learn how to query and filter data, using primary and secondary indexes, with Apache Drill. You will see how MapR Database fits into the MapR ecosystem, and how it can be used with various enterprise-level use cases, and maximize the performance of your database.

What’s Covered

5: Access and Work with Data in MapR Database
  • Understand Access Control Expressions (ACEs)
  • Advanced OJAI API
Lab Activities
    • Access Control Expressions (ACEs)
    • Build an OJAI Application
6: Query Data in MapR Database
  • Query Data
  • Filter and Project Data
Lab Activities
    • Query Data Using Primary and Secondary Indexes
    • Query Data Using Drill
    • Practice Using OJAI Queries and Export Data
7: Process Data in MapR Database
  • MapR XD Review
  • Batch Processing
  • Real-time Processing
Lab Activities
    • Data Mine with Drill
    • Process Streaming Data with Spark
8: Performance and Security
  • Improve MapR Database Performance
  • Secure Your Data on MapR Database
Lab Activities
    • Improve Performance for Java Applications