DEV 361 - Build and Monitor Apache Spark Applications (Spark v2.1)

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About this Course

In this course you will learn about the full Spark program lifecycle and SparkSession, along with how to build and launch standalone Spark applications. Also described are the components of the Spark execution model using the Spark Web UI to monitor Spark applications.

DEV 361 is the second in the Apache Spark Series.

What’s Covered

Lessons Labs
4: Build a Simple Apache Spark Application
Define the Spark Program Lifecycle
Define SparkSession
Describe Ways to Launch Spark Applications
Launch a Spark Application
Import and Configure Application Files
Complete, Package, and Launch the Application
5: Monitor Apache Spark Applications
Describe Logical and Physical Plans of Spark Execution
Use Spark Web UI to Monitor Spark Applications
Debug and Tune Spark Applications
Use the Spark UI
Find Spark System Properties

Get Certified

This course is part of the preparation for the MapR Certified Spark Developer (MCSD) certification exam.


  • Completion of the on-demand courses: ESS 100 - 102, and DEV 360
  • Basic Hadoop knowledge and intermediate Linux knowledge
  • Experience using a text editor such as vi
  • Terminal program installed; familiarity with command-line options such as mv, cp, ssh, grep, cd, and useradd
  • Knowledge of functional programming with Scala, and experience with SQL