ESS 101 - Apache Hadoop Essentials

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About this Course

This course introduces you to the basics of Apache Hadoop. The course begins with a brief introduction to the Hadoop Distributed File System and MapReduce, then covers several open source ecosystem tools, such as Apache Spark, Apache Drill, and Apache Flume. Finally, these tools are applied to real-world use cases. Ideal for business managers, students, developers, administrators, analysts or anyone interested in learning the fundamentals of transitioning from traditional data models to big data models.

What’s Covered

Course Lessons
3: Core Elements of Apache Hadoop
Local and Distributed File Systems
Data Management in the Hadoop File System
Review of the MapReduce Algorithm
4: The Apache Hadoop Ecosystem
Overview of the Apache Ecosystem
Administration: ZooKeeper, YARN
Ingestion: Flume, Oozie, Sqoop
Processing: Spark, HBase, Pig
Analysis: Hive, Drill, Mahout
5 : Solving Big Data Problems with Apache Hadoop
Data Warehouse Optimization
Recommendation Engine
Large-Scale Log Analysis


  • Completion of the MapR Academy on-demand courses: ESS 100