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There are several ways you can get started with MapR. You can try out the entire MapR Converged Data Platform or separately try out Hadoop, Spark, Drill, or MapR-DB.

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You can download and install MapR on your server easily and quickly with our GUI installer. The Community Edition is free, and the Enterprise Edition comes with a 30-day trial license.

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Quickstart solutions


MapR Quick Start Solutions are purpose-built solutions for the most critical and valuable use cases. These solutions, which include pre-built templates for each of the areas listed, let you quickly get started with big data projects and achieve faster time-to-value.

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MapR technical documentation

MapR Platform Documentation

We provide all MapR users with online access to our thorough and up-to-date MapR documentation. MapR documentation pages are fully searchable and continually updated, based on user feedback and tech support experience.

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Big Data Training

On-demand classes

Learn big data your way: on demand, anytime, anywhere. Take interactive e-learning courses, with custom sandboxes and lab exercises from the data and analytics experts at MapR.

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Instructor-led classes

There's KNOW, and then there's DO. Turn insight into action with instructor-led classes in big data topics that meet your team's goals: Cluster Admin, Apache Spark, MapR Streams, and more.

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MapR Certifications

Prove your skills: get certified and flash your MapR credentials. The learning curve is the earning curve.

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