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Modifying Azure ARM Template


MapR provides an ARM template both directly and through the Azure Marketplace for deploying on Azure, along with several input variables for cluster customization. In some cases these templates are close, but not exactly appropriate for deploying a MapR cluster. This could be the case if an organization gives out restricted permissions, has specific networking rules, or any other specific customization needed.

In these cases, it may be appropriate to customize one of the MapR-provided ARM templates.

Background Reading

Azure Resource Manager (ARM) templates offer a powerful scripting language with many features and capabilities. This document is not intended to be a comprehensive training on ARM, and assumes you have basic ARM knowledge. You can learn the core concepts of ARM at the Azure ARM Documentation.

Modifying an ARM Template

To customize the MapR-provided ARM template, follow these steps:

  1. Copy or git clone the MapR Azure Template directory
    1. The logic for MapR deployment in Azure is split between several ARM files and scripts.
  2. Edit the ARM templates and/or scripts to your required customization.
  3. Edit mainTemplate.json, parameters > artifactsBaseUrl > defaultValue to the URL hosting the modified ARM content.
    1. This can be your public github repository.
  4. Launch using same steps as Launching Azure Pre-defined Example.