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Azure Pre-Defined Example


Because each organization's design, standards, and security policies are different, MapR provides several deployment examples in the form of Azure Resource Manager (ARM) templates. Users are encouraged to use these ARM templates examples as-is, or customize them to better fit a particular situation.

Below is the most current list of pre-defined ARM templates released by MapR. Within the list below, some templates are listed as 'deployment templates', meaning they actually deploy a MapR cluster, while others are listed as 'helper' templates, which create a portion of the cloud environment but don't perform a full MapR deployment. Helper templates can help split tasks between multiple people in an organization in cases where AWS permissions are split between multiple users.

At this time there is only a single deployment ARM template, and it is identical to what is available through the Azure Marketplace. Therefore, we recommend using the Azure Marketplace to deploy MapR instead of running this ARM template directly, as it offers a much better user experience.

Type Template Description Privileges Required
Deployment mainTemplate.json Creates a MapR cluster along with all the privileges and roles required by the MapR Installer. All

Deploying From ARM Template

  • Get the latest ARM Template
  • From the Azure Portal
    1. Select the plus (+) button at the top left of the screen
    2. Search for “Template Deployment”
    3. Select the “Template Deployment” and press the create button
    4. Press the “Build your own template in the editor” link
    5. Paste the contents of the ARM Template into the large window on the right and press the Save button
    6. Enter inputs for at least the following
      • Resource group (new or existing, new is preferred)
      • Admin Username
      • Admin Password
    7. Agree to the terms and press the Purchase button