MapR Sandbox

Pre-Built VMs containing lightweight MapR environments

Download The MapR Sandbox


To use the MapR Sandbox, perform the following tasks:

  1. Verify that the host system meets the prerequisites (see below)
  2. Install the MapR Sandbox
  3. Launch HUE or the MapR Control System
MapR 6.1 The MapR Sandbox is a fully functional single-node cluster that provides data scientists, developers, and other DataOps stakeholders a safe environment in which to explore MapR's core data storage for files, tables, and streams, plus ecosystem components for Hadoop, HBase, Hive, Hue, Kafka, Pig, Spark, and more.
Download VBox
*Read the VBox installation steps.
Download VMware
*Read the VMware installation steps.
MapR 6.1 with
Drill 1.14
The MapR Sandbox with Drill is a fully functional single-node cluster that can be used to get an overview of Apache Drill in the MapR Data Platform. Data scientists, developers, and other DataOps stakeholders can use this sandbox environment to get a feel for the power and capabilities of Drill by performing various types of queries outlines in the Drill tutorial.
Download Drill VBox Download Drill VMware


The MapR Sandbox runs on VMware Player and VirtualBox, free desktop applications that you can use to run a virtual machine on a Windows, Mac, or Linux PC. Before you install the MapR Sandbox, verify that the host system meets the following prerequisites:

  • VMware Player or VirtualBox is installed.
  • At least 20 GB free hard disk space, at least 4 physical cores, and 8 GB of RAM is available. Performance increases with more RAM and free hard disk space.
  • Uses one of the following 64-bit x86 architectures:
    • A 1.3 GHz or faster AMD CPU with segment-limit support in long mode
    • A 1.3 GHz or faster Intel CPU with VT-x support
    • If you have an Intel CPU with VT-x support, verify that VT-x support is enabled in the host system BIOS. The BIOS settings that must be enabled for VT-x support vary depending on the system vendor. See the VMware knowledge base article at for information about how to determine if VT-x support is enabled.


MapR has a community support system that will help answer your questions