3 Benefits of Multi-Temperature Data Management for Data Analytics

SAP® HANA and SAP® IQ are popular platforms for various analytical and transactional use cases. If you’re an SAP customer, you’ve experienced the benefits of deploying these solutions. However, as data volumes grow, you’re likely asking yourself: How do I scale storage to support these applications? How can I have one platform for various applications and use cases?

Look no further; the MapR Converged Data Platform is the answer. It is built from the ground up to be a single platform for all storage tiers, and it can support dynamic tiering of hot, warm, and cold data that applications like SAP® HANA deliver.

Join this complimentary webinar with MapR and SAP Mobile Services to:

  • Learn about the key benefits of the MapR platform for multi-temperature data management
  • Understand how you can supercharge your SAP® IQ and SAP® HANA applications
  • Hear how SAP Mobile Services has used the MapR platform to reduce cost of their storage infrastructure and improve their mobile big data applications


Steven Garcia Head of Engineering & Operations for Cloud Solution Services SAP Mobile Services

Sameer Nori Director of Partner Solutions MapR

Joe Love Senior Staff Infrastructure Engineer SAP Mobile Services