The Big Data Blender: Converging Hadoop, Spark, Streaming, and more

The growing number and variety of big data technologies is rewriting the book on enterprise application development and deployment. Which tools are right for the job and where do they fit in your data pipeline? Can your traditional data-at-rest analytics tango with new data-in-motion technologies? How much effort are you expending integrating open source technologies into a coherent application platform?

Listen in on March 9, as leading analyst firm 451 Research shares insights on converged systems, where NoSQL databases and SQL are combined with data grid/cache technologies, Hadoop, Spark, and event-processing technologies. In this session, you will:

  • See what types of business applications are being developed using these technologies
  • Learn how businesses gain significant ROI with a converged data platform
  • Understand the requirements of managing the increasing volume and variety of modern data sources