Bringing Structure, Scalability, and Services to Cloud-Scale Storage

Deploying storage with a forklift is so 1990s, right? Today’s applications and infrastructure demand systems and services that scale. Customers require performance and capacity to fit the use case and workloads, not the other way around. Architects need multi-temperature, multi-location, highly available, and compliance friendly platforms that grow with the generational shift in data growth and utility.

Enter Cisco UCS and MapR XD.

Cisco’s Unified Computing System is the industry’s most scalable, manageable, and performant server and network platform. The MapR XD platform is the industry’s only cloud-scale data management platform that provides access to a wide variety of data, creating a data fabric. When you combine the two, your business can handle petabytes and beyond, around the clock, around the world.

Join us for a conversation about how to bring the technologies that have powered major Internet companies for a decade into your business at the edge, on-premises, and in the multi-cloud.


Robert Novak

Consulting SE, Cisco

Bill Peterson

Sr. Director, Industry Solutions, MapR