Building Data-Intensive Applications with MapR Database

Today’s digital economy demands a new way of running business. “Data first” thinking and real-time response are becoming key for organizations to outperform the competition. When leveraging NoSQL databases to meet the performance requirements of demanding operational and analytic workloads, organizations want more than just speed—they also want consistency. ESG Lab validated MapR Database’s ability to deliver faster, more consistent performance in an AWS cloud environment compared with open source offerings HBase and Cassandra.

Join MapR and ESG on Wednesday October 25th, 2017 to learn:

  • Database requirements for data-intensive applications
  • MapR Database performance benchmark: 3X faster than Cassandra and 5X faster than HBase
  • Top 10 reasons developers choose MapR Database
  • Key use cases and customer success stories


Mike Leone
Senior Validation Analyst
Enterprise Strategy Group, Inc.

Ankur Desai
Sr. Product Marketing Manger