Data Lakes: The 6 Key Building Blocks to Success

For customers looking to establish a next-gen analytics platform, data lakes are a common approach. Industry analyst Tony Baer from Ovum Research will share his learnings on where to start and how to get the most from your data lake efforts based on his recent research.

The ability to enable all data to be analyzed, capture new data types (e.g., machine logs, social, and IoT), and obtain near-line storage for cold data are all reasons why data lakes are growing tremendously in adoption.

Data lakes sound inviting, but look before you leap and ask the following questions:

  • Business continuity - is it reliable?
  • Interoperability - will it easily integrate with existing systems?
  • Analytics - can it support multiple analytic use cases (e.g., reporting, machine learning, self-service exploration)?
  • Spark - is this making data lakes more "real-time"?

Join this complimentary webinar where industry thought leader Tony Baer and MapR answer these questions based on customer experience. You will come away with a firm understanding of the capabilities required for a successful data lake. You’ll also learn how customers are using the MapR Converged Data Platform to build data lakes and apply insights to impact business outcomes.


Tony Baer
Principal Analyst
Ovum Research

Sameer Nori
Sr. Manager, Industry Solutions

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