Dataware - Unification for a Multi-Cloud World Webinar

Do you need to cloud-enable your legacy systems? Do you need them to act locally, but learn globally? And do you need to take advantage of a cloud service whilst eliminating the data silos?

Most global organisations are opting for a multi-cloud strategies for many reasons including avoiding cloud lock-in to increasing agility needed for innovations. A next generation of a data architecture is a key enabler.

Find out how MapR's vision of a Dataware, an enterprise-wide data layer abstraction that transcends all instances of data across the globe, whilst enabling seamless flow of data and eliminating frictions to timely deliver the data where and when it is needed.

Main presenter: Leon Clayton serves as Solutions Architect for MapR Technologies in which role he engages with users to discuss how breakthrough technologies can tackle the unstructured /structures data analytics market. Mr Clayton has been a technologist within clustered systems from numerous vendors including the Royal Navy.

Pinakin Patel, Vice President, WW Solutions Engineering at MapR, with over 25 years of experience in world of data and how organisations extract value from this critical business resource.


Pinakin Patel

Head of Solutions Engineering, MapR Technologies

Leon Clayton

Solutions Architect, MapR Technologies


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