Hadoop's Journey: The Modern Data Architecture

Hadoop has been a phenomenon, as a framework for big data and workloads and its operational capabilities.

Major initiatives brought Hadoop from its batch-oriented roots to the interactive capabilities that are delivering improved performance in SQL engines and with distributed in-memory engines. Operational analytics are leading the way as the "one of the first" steps towards operationalizing Hadoop as a platform. There are core data management principles that will guide Hadoop adoption, however there is also a change in mindset needed to rethink the role of Hadoop beyond a big data and analytic platform.

In this webinar, John O’Brien, CEO of Radiant Advisors, and Dale Kim, Director of Industry Solutions, at MapR Technologies, will discuss the emergence of Hadoop as an operational data platform and how complementary data strategies and year-over-year adoption can accelerate consolidation and it’s business value in agility and reduced development efforts.