How to Build a Successful Data Lake

Big Data brings unprecedented levels of insight and efficiency to everything from working with data to working with customers to curing cancer. To get real ROI from big Data, enterprises are building data lakes, which bridge the gap between enterprise data warehouses, and the freewheeling culture of modern Internet companies.

In this webinar, Dale Kim of MapR Technologies and Alex Gorelik of Waterline Data (and author of the forthcoming O’Reilly book, The Enterprise Big Data Lake) discuss key topics that any enterprise should understand when pursuing a data lake deployment.

Topics include:

  • The new necessary capabilities of a data lake: cost-effective scalable storage and computing; cost-effective data access and governance; and tiered, governed access
  • How to start and grow a data lake, including data warehouse offloading, analytical sandboxes, and “data puddles”
  • Setting up different tiers of data: from raw, untreated landing areas to carefully managed and summarized data
  • How to enable self-service to help users find, understand, and provision data and provide different interfaces to users with different skill levels
  • Staying in compliance with enterprise data-governance policies

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