How to Enhance Traditional Security Controls to Guard Against Big Data Breaches

We hear it in the news more often than we should – data breaches are still occurring in spite of all the existing traditional security controls most companies have in place. How can you enhance – not replace – traditional security controls to enable your business to better protect sensitive or regulated data in a way that’s both efficient and cost-effective?

Join Les McMonagle, Director of Data Security Solutions at Protegrity, and Mitesh Shah, Product Manager of Security & Data Governance at MapR, to hear examples of how to guard against (big) data breaches and minimize their impact. You’ll learn:

  • The importance of access control, and how not all access control mechanisms are created equal
  • Pros and cons of data protection options, such as tokenization, encryption, and masking
  • How Protegrity’s vaultless tokenization complements MapR’s native security capabilities for unprecedented level of protection