How Spark is Enabling the New Wave of Converged Cloud Applications

Apache Spark has become the de-facto compute engine of choice for data engineers, developers, and data scientists because of its ability to run multiple analytic workloads with a single, general-purpose compute engine.

But is Spark alone sufficient for developing cloud-based big data applications? What are the other required components for supporting big data cloud processing? How can you accelerate the development of applications which extend across Spark and other frameworks such as Kafka, Hadoop, NoSQL databases, and more?

Attend this webinar to:

  • Understand how to build cloud-based big data applications that incorporate event streaming, stream processing and NoSQL technologies in a single platform
  • Learn about leading-edge Spark applications and their architectures in industries like high-tech, manufacturing, and telecommunications
  • View a demo of Spark Streaming with MapR Event Store on the Microsoft Azure cloud


Carol McDonald
Solution Architect

Ankur Desai
Sr. Manager, Platform and Products

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