IoT and Data Prerequisites for Building the Smart Factories of Tomorrow

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Factories around the world are trying to find ways to increase production output, improve equipment efficiencies, reduce downtime and lower the cost of production, all at the same time. Manufacturers could use help as they make important decisions to constantly improve their plant operations – decisions concerning building smart(er) factories, making supply chains efficient, IoT-izing equipment, streamlining procurement of raw material as well as delivery of finished goods, and much more.

As manufacturing companies increasingly rely on data from multiple sources to make these decisions, it is imperative to build a robust data pipeline that can help implement new use-cases and applications with existing & newly acquired data.

Watch this complimentary webinar with experts from MapR to:

  • Learn about how IoT and data are helping customers quickly build smart factories of tomorrow
  • Understand why MapR is the new necessity for manufacturers around the globe