Machine Learning Success: The Key to Easier Model Management

Machine Learning Webinar Series

Join Ellen Friedman, co-author (with Ted Dunning) of a new short O’Reilly book Machine Learning Logistics: Model Management in the Real World, to look at what you can do to have effective model management, including the role of stream-first architecture, containers, a microservices approach and a DataOps style of work. Ellen will provide a basic explanation of a new architecture that not only leverages stream transport but also makes use of canary models and decoy models for accurate model evaluation and for efficient and rapid deployment of new models in production.

This presentation serves as the introduction of basic concepts useful for a more technical series of machine learning workshops to be presented by Ted Dunning over the next several months.

Please register here for this free introductory discussion to be held on September 19 and select each of the other deep dive workshops in the series that are of interest to you. You’ll be emailed a detailed invitation prior to each workshop you select.


Ellen Friedman PhD
Principal Technologist

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