Manage Your Sensitive Data from End to End: Data Discovery to Data Protection

Effectively identifying and managing sensitive data is foundational to successful data projects today and in the future. Given the increasing pressure to address compliance and regulatory requirements on their data, customers need a better way to effectively identify and manage ALL of their data and specifically sensitive data. Discovering sensitive data may sound easy, but it's often not. Data is always changing or being duplicated and requires constant tracking.

Moreover, with the amount of data that enterprises are dealing with today, it is nearly impossible to manually create an up-to-date catalog for auditing purposes. The future is sure to bring more compliance and privacy regulations, similar to what we've seen with GDPR and CCPA. MapR has partnered with Waterline Data to help enterprises intelligently tag sensitive data - e.g. Personally Identifiable Information (PII) - at scale through automation using Waterline's AI-driven data catalog platform.

Join Ted and Alex on Wednesday April 17th to learn:

  • How built-in security and governance capabilities from MapR complement Waterline Data's enterprise data catalog
  • How to gain a significant advantage with the ability to automatically discover, track, manage, and protect all enterprise data
  • Intelligently tag and manage sensitive data that may be subject to regulatory and compliance oversight


Ted Dunning PhD.

CTO, MapR Technologies

Alex Gorelik

Founder and CTO, Waterline Data


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