MapR 5.2: Getting More Value from the MapR Converged Data Platform

End of maintenance for MapR 4.x is coming in January, so now is a good time to plan your upgrade. Please watch this to learn about the recent developments during the past year in the MapR Platform that will make the upgrade effort this year worthwhile.

In this webinar, we cover the following platform updates:

  • Taking cluster monitoring to the next level with the Spyglass Initiative
  • Real-time streaming with MapR Event Store
  • MapR Database JSON document database and application development with OJAI
  • Securing your data with Access Control Expressions (ACEs)

We also talk about your options for upgrading your current version of the MapR Platform to the latest version. Take the next step in your big data journey with MapR.


Ankur Desai
Sr. Manager, Platform and Products

Nitin Bandugula
Director, Professional Services

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