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Cisco UCS S-Series and the MapR CDP Architectural Fit

You’re not the only one still loading your data into data warehouses and building marts or cubes out of it. But today’s data requires a much more accessible environment that delivers real-time results. Prepare for this transformation because your data platform and storage choices are about to undergo a re-platforming that happens once in 30 years.

With the MapR Converged Data Platform (CDP) and Cisco Unified Compute System (UCS), you can optimize today’s infrastructure and grow to take advantage of what’s next. Uncover the range of possibilities from re-platforming by intimately understanding your options for density, performance, functionality and more.

Spend an hour with MapR and Cisco experts and you’ll discover:

  • Why are Cisco and MapR uniquely positioned to fulfill this re-platforming?
  • Why is this suddenly important now? What are the changes in business data requirements that lead us to this notion of platform architectures rather than applications and clusters?
  • What is Cisco’s UCS S-Series, and where should we consider it in place of the traditional C-Series servers?
  • Why should we choose MapR CDP on Cisco UCS instead of legacy filers or generic NFS storage? And why might we still choose the latter?


William Peterson
Vice President, Partner Strategy

Robert Novak
Consulting Systems Engineer

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