Putting Apache Drill to Use: Best Practices for Production Deployments

Lessons Learned from Putting Apache Drill into Production

Apache Drill is paving the next wave of self-service analytics by enabling exploration of complex datasets on the fly with low latency and at petabyte scale. It’s no wonder that customers such as Cardlytics and Transunion have made Apache Drill central to their big data analytics initiatives.

How are these customers getting the most value from Apache Drill? How are they thinking about storage format selection, picking the right data layout for optimal performance, and data model trade-offs?

Join this session and hear from Neeraja Rentachintala, Sr Director of Product Management for SQL-on-Hadoop and analytics initiatives at MapR, and Aman Sinha, Lead Software Engineer on the Drill team at MapR, as they examine Apache Drill best practices and use cases.

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • What the new capabilities in Apache Drill are, such as the JSON document plugin for MapR Database
  • How customers such as Cardlytics are running Apache Drill at scale
  • Best practices and guidelines for data layout, tuning queries for performance, security, and other topics


Neeraja Rentachintala
Sr. Director of Product Management

Aman Sinha
Lead Software Engineer

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