SQL-on-Hadoop with Apache Drill

The release of Apache Drill gives you SQL on Hadoop, but with some big differences. The biggest difference is that Drill extends ANSI SQL from a strongly typed language to also a late binding language without losing performance. This allows Drill to process complex structured data in addition to relational data. By dynamically generating a schema at read time that matches the data types and structures observed in the data, Drill gives you both self-service agility and speed.

Drill also introduces a view-based security model that uses file system permissions to control access to data at an extremely fine-grained level that makes secure access easy to control. These extensions have huge practical impact when it comes to writing real applications.

Watch on-demand. Tug Grall, Technical Evangelist, will give several practical examples of how Drill makes it easier to analyze data, using SQL in your Java application with a simple JDBC driver.