Survive Hadoop Go-Live: Achieving Security, Compliance, and Business Needs

Hadoop is becoming a cornerstone of IT environments and rapidly moving to full production. With high-value data being stored and processed within Hadoop, it’s critical to ensure environments and data are secure and meet compliance requirements such as SOX, PCI and HIPAA - before they are moved to production.

Get insights on securing the Hadoop infrastructure, as well as the data in Hadoop. Explore business considerations such as accelerating deployment, leveraging existing Active Directory-based authentication and simplifying access with single-sign-on for business and privileged users.

Attendees will learn about:

  • New security challenges of Big Data
  • Extending Active Directory’s Kerberos and LDAP capabilities to Hadoop clusters
  • Enabling MapR distribution to run in secure mode
  • Enforcing least privilege policies and eliminate the use of root privileges
  • User activity auditing with logs and correlation of activity across the cluster
  • Health Check services for security and compliance