When Streaming Becomes Strategic

When Streaming Becomes Strategic

Your business is generating more data than ever before, whether it’s a social interaction, machine-generated data, or a customer transaction. However, this data is created one event at a time. How can you understand the meaning and context of these events that ultimately define your business?

Fortunately, we’re in the midst of an exciting paradigm shift in terms of how we process events data in real time. With the advent of new event streaming systems such as Apache Kafka and MapR Event Store, and stream processing engines such as Spark Streaming and Apache Flink, you now have the ability to process and analyze data as it’s produced. In this webinar, you’ll learn how you can use an in-platform streaming system to immediately act on these real-time insights and make better decisions.

Join us for this complimentary webinar with industry thought leader, Robin Bloor, to hear about:

  • The “Data Flow Issue” and the need for a streaming (i.e. data flow oriented) architecture
  • What defines a streaming architecture
  • The value of converged approaches to real-time event streaming
  • An introduction to the MapR Converged Data Platform and the ability to create modern, global streaming applications
  • How a leading healthcare technology/provider is using MapR Event Store to deliver the right data to the right applications and end users while adhering to regulatory requirements


Robin Bloor
Bloor Research

Jack Norris
SVP, Data & Applications

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