Building Blocks for Data Lakes

Data lakes are the new normal in enterprise data architectures. They have become the ingest point for new data sources and are providing primary storage for large amounts of data. What’s more, data lakes are enabling a new range of exploratory analytics that were impossible or tough to achieve with traditional data warehouses.

When it comes to the underlying platform required to build data lakes, there are a few key questions to be addressed, such as:

  1. Business continuity - is it reliable?
  2. Interoperability - will it easily integrate with existing systems?
  3. Analytics - can it support multiple analytic use cases (e.g., reporting, machine learning, self-service exploration)?

Read the Ovum report “Data Lakes: The Six Key Building Blocks to Success” by well-known industry analyst Tony Baer to get answers to these questions and more. You will come away with a firm understanding of the capabilities required in an underlying platform to enable building a successful data lake. You’ll also learn how the MapR Converged Data Platform meets the key requirements needed to support building a data lake, and much more.


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