Data Centric Enterprise

How to Take a Data-Centric Approach to Managing Your Infrastructure

There are two types of companies in the big data space: 1) Those that are born in big data to deliver a competitive edge through the software or the process for enabling data, and 2) Those who have a mandate to simultaneously cut IT and storage costs and to create a platform for innovation.

Building the Data-Centric Enterprise focuses on the latter, giving you the high-level information you’ll need in order to move beyond traditional analytic cycles to become an “as-it-happens” business—one that can sense and respond in real time to its environment. Download your copy today to discover:

  • The benefits of the new Zeta Architecture approach
  • Why “big, fast, and agile” are key requirements of an as-it-happens business
  • How one company is already benefiting from implementing the Zeta Architecture

Learn how to transform your company into a supercharged, data-centric enterprise—download your copy today!


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