ESG Lab Spotlight Report 2014

Reliably Storing and Processing Big Data on a High-performing Distributed Data Platform

With the challenges of deploying a reliable and high-performing cluster, the software infrastructure needs to provide the capabilities to make this goal more attainable. With several leading vendors for Apache™ Hadoop© in the market, enterprises need to explore the differentiating features of each distribution that most suit their needs.

Mike Leone, ESG Lab Analyst, investigated the MapR Distribution including Hadoop to validate that its architectural innovations lead to real advantages around enterprise-grade features and performance characteristics. ESG research shows that system reliability is a top of mind issue for businesses that pursue business intelligence, analytics, and big data solutions. ESG also noted that the performance and predictably low latency of MapR Database, the in-Hadoop NoSQL database, should make it a consideration when deploying online and large-scale analytics applications.


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