The Hadoop Data Refinery

The Hadoop Data Refinery and Enterprise Data Hub

By Mike Ferguson
Intelligent Business Strategies

Companies today have seen a huge explosion in the volume of data that they generate. The rise in online shopping, combined with the convenience of mobile devices, are major factors in the significant growth of transaction data.

In order to analyze all of this data, companies are realizing that they can’t do it all with just a single enterprise data warehouse, and are turning to new big data platforms like Hadoop, stream processing engines, and NoSQL graph DBMSs to manage their big data workloads.

In this whitepaper, “The Hadoop Data Refinery and Enterprise Data Hub”, Mike Ferguson from Intelligent Business Strategies discusses an alternative solution— the creation of an Enterprise Data Hub on a much lower cost Hadoop platform that can scale to manage increasing data volumes.

The white paper includes several helpful sections on data warehousing, the emergence of multiple analytical workloads, and how to build an enterprise data hub.


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