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IDC Achieving the Real-Time Enterprise with MapR

Achieving the Real-Time Enterprise with MapR

by Carl Olofson

Apache Hadoop has long been known as a batch-oriented platform for large-scale analytics. It continues to deliver value for data-driven companies that need to solve big data challenges.

In this paper, Carl Olofson of IDC discusses how MapR Technologies is able to deliver real-time capabilities for its customers who use Hadoop beyond the traditional use cases. By taking advantage of the MapR Distribution including Hadoop and MapR-DB, the integrated NoSQL database, customers are able to deploy multi-workload systems in a single platform.

Download this paper to learn:

  • Why businesses are looking to Hadoop as the foundation for a single decision data platform.
  • Why Xactly Corp., a cloud-based incentive compensation analytics company, uses MapR instead of traditional technologies to drive their SaaS application.
  • Why the Cisco Security Business Group uses MapR to help protect their customers’ networks.

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