IDC Achieving the Real-Time Enterprise with MapR

Achieving the Real-Time Enterprise with MapR

by Carl Olofson

Apache Hadoop has long been known as a batch-oriented platform for large-scale analytics. It continues to deliver value for data-driven companies that need to solve big data challenges.

In this paper, Carl Olofson of IDC discusses how MapR Technologies is able to deliver real-time capabilities for its customers who use Hadoop beyond the traditional use cases. By taking advantage of the MapR Distribution including Hadoop and MapR Database, the integrated NoSQL database, customers are able to deploy multi-workload systems in a single platform.

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  • Why businesses are looking to Hadoop as the foundation for a single decision data platform.
  • Why Xactly Corp., a cloud-based incentive compensation analytics company, uses MapR instead of traditional technologies to drive their SaaS application.
  • Why the Cisco Security Business Group uses MapR to help protect their customers’ networks.

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