MapR Guide to Big Data in Retail

Big-data driven changes are sweeping through the retail industry, rapidly evolving the ways in which we buy and sell. Big data promises payoffs at nearly every stage in the retail process from supply chain optimization to inventory management to workforce scheduling to customer personalization. The retail industry is on the verge of a major transformation through the use of advanced analytics and big data technologies like the MapR Converged Data Platform. The MapR Guide to Big Data in Retail provides a comprehensive view behind the scenes of how big data technology is impacting the retail industry. It covers topics such as:

  • Customers in control
  • E-commerce pressures
  • Consolidation and fragmentation
  • Declining brand loyalty

The MapR Guide to Big Data in Retail is designed to help you understand the trends and technologies behind this data-driven revolution. The guide examines the factors shaping the retail industry, the big data uses having the greatest short-term impact, and the emerging use cases reshaping customer experiences and the competitive landscape.


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