MapR Industry Guide For Big Data In Media And Entertainment

The media and entertainment industry is in the midst of an enormous transition. As delivery of information and entertainment has gone digital, the consumption metaphor has shifted from specific windows at specific times to an on-demand model. Consumers now expect their preferred programming to be available to them at any time and on any device. And, with the advances of wireless, video, and mobile technologies, consumers now have many options to consume content their way. This is both a blessing and a curse for media companies–and entertainment brands in particular. Advertising agencies have also been impacted dramatically by the shift to digitization and the internet.

The MapR Industry Guide for Big Data in Media and Entertainment provides a comprehensive look at the rapid shift toward digitization and data-driven optimization of business processes in Media and Entertainment.

The guide covers topics such as:

  • Industry Trends
  • Key Stakeholders
  • Data Sources and Types
  • Use Cases
  • How the MapR Converged Data Platform is helping our customers in media and entertainment achieve real outcomes

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