Mike Leone of ESG Lab tested MapR Event Store

Mike Leone of ESG Lab tested MapR Event Store

From Mike's Report:

MapR Event Store architecture

  • A new event streaming service for big data
  • Part of the MapR Converged Data Platform

Performance and Scalability

  • A five-node cluster handled the ingestion of nearly 7 million messages/sec
  • 18 million+ messages consumed in the correct order without any data loss at rates as high as 3.5 GB/s

Enterprise Reliability

  • MapR architecture requires less resources and improves reliability
  • Node redundancy and no single point of failure
  • Failure recovery (with Warden and Zookeeper)


  • MapR achieves high levels of uptime by eliminating single points of failure
    • The flow of data is uninterrupted
    • Prevents data loss across the entire data pipeline
  • Augmented batch processing with real-time functionality is driving the next phase of data analytics

Read the full report below or download your copy here.

Mike's final words:

"Organizations are looking for a solution that delivers always-on support for all data being generated and efficiently transports that data to its proper destination for processing and analysis... As part of the MapR Converged Data Platform, MapR Event Store provides a simplified architecture to enable big data stream processing on Hadoop. Data producers and consumers can connect in real-time to enable the development of powerful applications at a global scale with security, reliability, and massive scalability as a core foundation."

-- Mike Leone, ESG Lab

Here's Mike's complete report:

Download and share the report.

Download and share the report.