Optimize Your Enterprise Architecture

Optimize Your Enterprise Architecture with Hadoop and NoSQL

Add Big Data Technologies to Get More Value from Your Stack

Taking advantage of big data starts with understanding how to optimize and augment your existing infrastructure.

Relational databases have endured for a reason – they fit well with the types of data that organizations use to run their business. These types of data in business applications such as ERP, CRM, EPM, etc., are not fundamentally changing, which suggests that relational databases will continue to play a foundational role in enterprise architectures for the foreseeable future.

One area where emerging technologies can complement relational database technologies is big data. With the rapidly growing volumes of data, along with the many new sources of data, organizations look for ways to relieve pressure from their existing systems. That’s where Hadoop and NoSQL come in.

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  • How Hadoop can complement any large-scale analytics environment
  • How NoSQL can enhance your ability to handle the volume, velocity, and variety of big data
  • Why an integrated Hadoop and NoSQL deployment can open up new capabilities for your organization

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